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April 22, 2019: In recent years lichenologists have accomplished an amazing amount of DNA research resulting in numerous lichen name changes that have not yet (hopefully soon) been reflected in this website. To help the viewer deal with this deficiency I have created a list of name changes for the lichens illustrated here. Click the following link to view: Name Changes

Site Updated: November, 2017. THE LICHENS OF DAGNY JOHNSON KEY LARGO HAMMOCK BOTANICAL STATE PARK, KEY LARGO, FLORIDA, USA was published online on February 27, 2017 in the University of Florida's Florida Museum of Natural History Bulletin. Members of The American Bryological and Lichenological Society conducted the inventory with local assistance from Dagny Johnson staff and volunteers. The new publication includes descriptions and photographs of 19 new to science species, an additional 25 new additions to the North American lichen checklist, an annotated checklist of species found (323), numerous keys, as well as, a discussion of site differences and similarities that influence lichen composition. The following keys are provided: updated key to Florida Graphis; North American key to Phaeographis; corrected Neotropical key to Stirtonia,and a world key to Platygramme.

Together with The Lichens of Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park, Florida: Proceedings from the 18th Tuckerman Workshop, published by the FMNH Bulletin in 2011, Florida now has free access to comprehensive lichen coverage across the southern tip of Florida from Fakahatchee on the west through Everglades National Park to Key Largo on the east coast. This gives land managers another tool in their efforts to identify areas of special concern. Links to free downloads of both publications are available from the "PUBS" link above.

The lichen section of strives to provide a lichen photo index to all lichens identified by the Everglades National Park Lichen Project, a totally volunteer effort to identify the lichens of Subtropical Florida (aka South Florida). Approximately 459 of the 550+ species on our checklist are represented. Most have multiple photos. Photos of the new species described in the latest publication have been added as well as most new additions to the North American lichen checklist.

Rick, Dana and Jenny viewing lichens

Information has been added to the above links periodically. Habitat photos have been added to the beginning of the "Photo Gallery"(accessed from the Everglades NP Project page) to clarify habitat references in publications. More have been posted in support of the most current publications. These highlight the open, sunny nature of the mature coastal hammock which produced a large proportion of the lichens described in these publications.

The project began in 2009 when we were given the use of our own laboratory at South Florida Natural Resource Center in Everglades National Park. We have identified over 550 lichens and published 10 professional papers describing 39 species new to science from South Florida. In addition this study has added 73 new species and 3 new genera to the North American lichen checklist.

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